Gold Buying

How it works

Global Rings Jewelry will gladly pay you on the spot for your unwanted or broken jewelry. Just bring your pieces directly into the store located in the Los Angeles jewelry district at 550 South Hill Street Suite #920. All gold or platinum jewelry will be considered, simply bring it into our store to learn its estimated value.

We Pay More

Today’s economy demands competative rates with the vast amount of jewelry dealers offering gold buying services. You will find our rates comparable to our competitors along with a trustworthy and inviting atmosphere. We garuntee our estimates will be 100% fair and accurate to our best judgement.


A staple in the Los Angeles Jewelry District since 1983, Global Rings Jewelry has remained the center of one of Los Angeles' most vibrant industries. Our reputation is important to us which is why we garuntee a fair price. Manufacturing nearly everything in house, this family owned business has amassed one of the largest customer bases in the induatry and has built strong relationships in our many years doing business. Feel confident and safe in bringing your jewelry to us.

Earn Money

Now that you feel more confident in selling your gold, come visit us or contact us first for more details:

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday (9:30-5:30 PMPST)
Saturday:10AM-4PM (PST)
550 South Hill Street Suite #920
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Toll free number:1 (888) 774-4367
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