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Is any jewelry collection complete without a pair of diamond earrings? Absolute classics of the jewelry world, diamond earrings suit any age and any style.

The beauty of diamond earrings is that they are equally as impactful in a variety of earring styles from huggies to drop earrings to diamond stud earrings to dangles ... really, any earring style you might think of can probably be enhanced by the inclusion of diamonds.

We could wax lyrical for ages about how diamond studs should be the go-to shape for anyone who wants to own just one pair of diamond earrings but we want to focus on a favorite earring shape for many people - the hoop.

From formal special occasions to everyday wear, there is just something about a diamond hoop pair of earrings. When you are looking for diamond jewelry versatility that is always going to be eye-catching no matter what carat weight or diamond shape you are wearing, go for hoops.

Here is a guide to diamond hoop earrings along with style tips and advice that you can take with you on your next trip to the jeweler to ensure that you find the perfect pair of diamond hoops to add grace, beauty, and elegance to your earlobes.

Big Or Small?

Large diamond hoops or small diamond hoops? That is the question.

Hoop size is one of the crucial elements when it comes to finding the perfect pair of diamond hoops and there are plenty of different sizes to select from.

The thing to remember is the bigger the hoop is, the heavier the individual earring is going to feel and this can be an important matter for somebody who has ears that are more sensitive than the norm. Remember too that the addition of the carat weight of diamonds to the earrings is going to significantly add to the weight.

Large hoops with showy diamonds are always going to make a statement but if you have ears that can’t handle too much weight, then smaller hoops like huggies are a good option. If you like the layered (aka stacked look) of multiple piercings, dainty little hoops will sit lightly on your earlobe and can look amazing when paired with diamond stud earrings.

Hoop Shape

The shape of the hoop is as much a consideration as the gemstones that might be attached to them. It’s not unreasonable to assume that because they are called hoop earrings, they are circular, but hoop has become a term to mean anything that makes an enclosed geometric earring shape.

Modern hoops come in all sorts of interesting and unique shapes. They include square, triangle, rectangle, and oval, and then there are adaptations such as double hoop infinity signs, dangling designs, curved hoops designs, and much more to browse if you want something a little bit different than the traditional circular hoops of the past.

Consider Your Hairstyle

diamond hoop earrings

Take the length and style of your hair into consideration when deciding what size of hoop earrings to wear.

If you have very short hair or bob-cut hair, then smaller hoop sizes might be a more appropriate choice to maintain a level of symmetry and balance in your style. Those who are very bold with their fashion might want to experiment with very large hoops and short hair, but it isn’t a look that every person can carry off easily.

If you have long hair that covers your ears most of the time, then you are pretty much free to wear any size or shape of hoop that you wish. Giving people an occasional glimpse when you tuck your hair behind your ears is a great look, and both small and large hoops can make an impact.

Consider Your Face Shape

Face shape is another factor in deciding which hoop earrings would be best for you. If you have a large, round, or oval face, then large hoops in your ears can help to create the optical illusion of making your face look smaller.

Interestingly, those with thin, long faces can also benefit from wearing larger hoops because it creates a balanced ratio around the face.

If you are buying the first pair of hoops for a younger loved one, for example, then smaller hoops are always a sensible choice for children and young teens.

Cut And Carat

Diamond hoop earrings are probably the item of jewelry that is going to feature the smallest carat weights and cuts of any piece, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concerned with getting the best that you can with your available budget.

Even though most earrings come with diamonds that are pre-set in the design, you should still try to be aware of the quality of the stones used.

Unless your earrings are set with pave diamonds, be aware of things like the color grade and the clarity grade, and if you are choosing a pair of earrings that have a standout stone attached to them, make sure that you are happy with the cut diamond shape that is being offered.

Pay Attention To Prong Settings

diamond hoop earrings

Lots of people make the mistake of seeing prong settings as a practical element of jewelry, but they can be an important part of the overall look if you have close attention to detail.

There isn’t much room on a pair of hoops to show off the various design elements, so if you can find a pair of earrings that have U-shaped prongs, it can provide an interesting and beautiful scalloped shape design that looks much better and can add to the sparkling beauty of the diamonds that are studded across the width of the earring band. This makes the overall design much more intricate and can enhance the perceived carat size.

When it comes to channel set prongs, they aren’t prongs at all! With channel set diamonds, the gemstones sit flush in the earring setting so that they seamlessly nudge against each other. You can consider channel setting almost like Scrabble tiles on their board, nice and tight next to one another without being held in place by anything. It is a popular style for diamond hoops that eliminates the need for visible prongs.

Think About The Rest Of Your Jewelry Collection

diamond hoop earrings

From your engagement ring to your wedding band and various other items, you will want to make Although they can be worn as a stand-alone statement piece and will go with practically any other piece of jewelry, the diamond hoop earrings you choose should be complementary to the other pieces that you wear regularly, especially everyday items like your engagement ring and wedding band.

Most particularly, look at the metal. It makes sense to have your precious new diamond hoops in the gold color that is most prevalent in your jewelry collection. Whether it is yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or sterling silver, it makes sense to choose a pair of earrings that match your favorite. It gives you more options for curating coordinated looks.

And remember, the closest item of jewelry to your ears will likely be a necklace or pendant, so make sure that there is nice symmetry between the pieces that rest on your earlobes and your neckline.

Final Thoughts

These are just some selection and style tips. If you want to include your diamond hoops in a collection, you will need to consider your other jewelry but equally, any pair of diamond hoops is going to be elegant and sophisticated so even if you have no other gemstone jewelry, you’ll get plenty of wear from the hoops.

Pair them with casual attire, a business suit, a wedding dress, or wear them for a date night and you’ll always know they are something special and will make you feel special too!

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