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Once upon a time, it was a given that traditional wedding rings would be yellow gold. Then the white gold engagement ring trend took over so wedding bands had to be equally available. Times change and so do trends. 

The classic design remains the traditional choice for a wedding band around the world, but there are more interesting and unique designs vying to be the most popular choice.

Changing tastes and consumer sensibilities, an increase in same-sex marriages, improved and new technology and the artistry and ingenuity of jewelry designers have led to an extremely wide range of options. You might choose a wedding band set with diamonds or other precious stones, a classic ring style but with a highly textured finish, or a ring of different materials including tungsten or stainless steel. You might even choose a ring made of ceramic or a silicone wedding band. 

One style that has attracted attention in recent years is the two-tone wedding band.

What is a two-tone wedding band? It is a ring composed of two different metals. Usually, the design is of three bands, a wider central band that is flanked by two narrower bands. The widths will vary greatly, accounting for many different styles. Each band may be a plain metal but lots of rings include different textures, engravings, milgrain and some will also have diamonds in the center band.

The most common combination is yellow gold and white gold bands (or platinum bands are a nice choice) but a two-tone wedding band can be any combination of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even black gold. 

More couples are looking for contemporary design over plain and traditional gold bands and two-tone rings are a great option. Here are the reasons why two-tone wedding bands are the smart choice for the modern bride and/or groom. 

They Are Super Versatile

One of the great things about two-tone jewelry is just how versatile it is. It can blend and complement any outfit, style, or color that you might want to wear. 

Two-tone rings can be paired with any ensemble, from casual outfits to dresses to much more formal wear, and they are particularly stunning for special occasions like weddings, award ceremonies, galas, and more.

The mix of metals gives you a flexible style option that can go with anything. a two-tone wedding band is ideal for any bride who has a varied personality and style and who likes to experiment with lots of different looks.

Different metals give off different auras and vibes, with silver being calm and cold, gold being warm and bold, etc. Mixing the two can evoke much more character than just a single metal. Jewelry experts always talk about matching metal with skin tones but with the two-tone look, it's less of an issue. 

What signifies their versatility is that it doesn't matter what precious metal choice for an engagement ring was. Whatever color the engagement ring is, you can just choose a two-tone wedding band with that color as one of the two components.  

A two-tone wedding band also means that there is no restriction on what metal an anniversary ring or eternity band needs to be when the time comes. 

Each Partner Gets To Choose A Metal Each

We all see weddings as a special day when two people are marking the start of their lives together forever, so it would make sense that you might want to choose a ring that displays the likes and preferences of both people in the relationship.

So, if you prefer white metal, and your fiance prefers yellow or rose gold, then opting for a two-tone ring can be a really beautiful statement that connects your love and partnership in a single piece of jewelry, and neither be disappointed they don't get to wear their favorite color of gold.

If one person in the relationship doesn't want a dual-color wedding band and one does, again, no one need to feel let down because when one wears a traditional ring and the other a two-tone one, there will be natural coordination.

This is the kind of romantic statement that is becoming popular with modern couples, and the variety of band options is getting larger all the time.

They Are More Eye Catching

A two-tone ring is always going to be more eye-catching than a traditional ring in a single metal. Not only does the mixture of metals add more meaning to the jewelry, but it also makes it more visually memorable and can be a fun conversation starter when meeting new people.

Two-tone rings are a much more interesting way to use traditional metals, so if you still want to feature the classic golds or even silver, you can! Outside of gold and silver, however, there are a wider array of colors that can be chosen to reflect your personality and sensibilities.

It Is An Edgier Choice

You might not think that a simple combination of gold and silver would prove to be such an edgy choice, but there is something about the combination of two metals that makes more of a statement than a plain ring.

The craftsmanship is something that stands out, and the ring always looks bolder on the finger which makes it much easier for a modern bride or groom to stand out from the crowd with an interesting pop of color.

If you want affordable matching rings with a cutting-edge look, two-tone bands fit the bill. Even if your style of engagement ring is more classic, it will still have the same impact. 

It Is Much More Unique

If you are the kind of person who wants to stand out, then a two-tone wedding ring in a captivating design will achieve that. The contrast of colors that happens with a two-tone ring evokes a much more unique visual, and the more adventurous you plan to be with the color choices, the more unique you will be.

It can sometimes be hard to make a wedding band with one metal choice unique, simply because it isn't traditional for there to be any engravings or intricate details on the band. There are so many options to have an accented wedding band with a two-tone design.

Added Elegance

The two different metals in a two-tone wedding ring can give added elegance to a piece of jewelry that is already beautiful both in meaning and visual design. There is something about two-tone rings that looks more delicate, precious, and elegant, and there is also the added benefit of two metals having more luster because they reflect light differently and more interestingly than a single metal.

You can even buck further against the traditional wedding band trends by having the center band set with diamonds or other gemstones.  Though it is more traditional to incorporate a center stone in an engagement ring setting, there is nothing to stop you from doing the same in a two-tone wedding band! It will simply serve to add to the elegance!

Ultimately, the thing to remember is your wedding band is going to be something that you are going to wear every single day for the rest of your life, so it is worth taking the time to consider what you want and what you think is going to be the best fit for your life going forwards. Think about your style, think about how unique and interesting you want to be, think about what your partner might be interested in doing, and then try to come up with a fun design option that works for both of you. A two-tone ring might just be the thing that hits the sweet spot when you're searching for your wedding band(s).


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