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Although most fine jewelry is used as a fashion accessory, among the many different types, certain items have symbolism or special meaning. This goes beyond bridal jewelry or engagement rings and wedding bands which are the most obvious examples. The symbolism might be in the style of the item or the materials used.

Some meaningful jewelry pieces simply depict items or symbols from belief systems, such as the Christian cross, the Star of David, or the hamsa amulet. Some depict common items that humanity has applied certain qualities to such as the heart to represent love, the feather to represent angelic protection, and the evil eye to deflect misfortune.

Others are purely created as a piece of jewelry with meaning. One such style is journey jewelry. Journey jewelry can be earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

What Is A Journey Pendant?

A piece of journey jewelry is designed to symbolize the various twists and turns of life including special moments, dreams, adventures, and journeys.

Journey pendants are a relatively modern creation for women and the signature design element of any piece of journey jewelry is an ‘S’ shape set with gemstones that graduate in size from top to bottom.

Jewelry shapes continuously evolve, so you will find journey pendants that diverge from the traditional S shape but they must have the graduating stones to qualify as a journey piece. You might find straight line or swirl pendants.

The number of stones may vary but it must be at least four. This is because PPF jewelry (past, present, future) has three stones and a journey piece needs to differentiate, depicting a timeline rather than the three specific life stages.

The stones may be prongs, bezel or channel set and pendants can be made in any of the precious metals. 14-karat white gold is by far the most popular choice.

Journey pendants are popular for their simple and clean lines. Even if made with stones of large carat weight, a journey pendant is not fancy or ornate. Their classic look means it is timeless and will work with any outfit.

Of all the different gemstones that journey pendants might include, there is no doubt that the most popular choice is the diamond. Diamond jewelry is something that is always going to be included on the wish list of any fashion and style-conscious individual, and it is safe to say that round diamonds in particular are never going to go out of style.

Diamond Journey Pendant Necklaces

A diamond journey pendant makes for a great gift for any loved one who is about to start a new, exciting chapter in their life. This could be anything from going to college to starting a new career to becoming a mother to even turning over a new page and coming through a divorce! The possibilities are endless, and the journey pendant can have so much more meaning than something more generic like a heart pendant, for example.

The signature S shape helps to serve as a reminder to the wearer that most of life’s most challenging and rewarding journeys are not straight. As the size of the diamonds increases, it indicates that the person grows and gains more sparkle with each new milestone. Diamonds are the perfect choice for this metaphor as they are super durable, strong, and resilient.

Lots Of Choice In The Details

Though we recommend sticking to the tradition of the signature ‘S’ shape and the choice of diamonds for the gemstone, there is lots of customization that a person can experiment with in the other details of a journey pendant.

The necklace is perfect for any kind of metal base from 14K white gold to yellow gold to rose gold to rhodium-plated sterling silver. This makes a diamond journey pendant the ideal companion piece for bridal jewelry or any fine jewelry collection. It’s a question of taste for the person receiving the gift.

The versatility is as endless as any other piece of diamond jewelry. Imagine, for example, the impact of a little black dress accessorized by a solitaire cocktail ring, some simple diamond studs, and a journey pendant.

Whether set with white round cut diamonds or black diamonds, the total weight is less significant than the overall message when you present a journey pendant as a jewelry gift. The durability of diamonds holds the most poignant significance for the jewelry but, there are plenty of examples of journey pendants that use a person’s birthstone instead to make things even more personal and intimate to the individual wearer.

The accessibility of journey pendants at all budget levels gives them desirability as a gift idea while their symbolism is irresistible when a truly meaningful piece of jewelry is sought.

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