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Trends come and go but some stick around for a while. Longevity in a trend means not only popularity but the essence that it simply works. One recent but already enduring trend in jewelry is stacking, also known as layering. 

Layering is the art of combining different pieces of jewelry to create a distinctive look. It involves different pieces of disparate styles but is carefully curated to be an expression of personal style. 

When you have the right piece of jewelry, from timeless pieces to modern pieces and pretty much everything in between, you have the power to experiment with wearing more than one at a time for both formal and casual events. The great thing about layering is that it suits everyday wear just as much as it suits more formal wear, meaning that you are able to make the most of all of the different jewelry styles that you have in your jewelry collection!

The beauty of fashion trends like layering is the fact that rather than having to have a single perfect item to tell the style story that you want to tell, you can instead inject much more of your varied personal style into a single ensemble by wearing all of your favorite pieces together at once!

Whether you prefer yellow gold pieces, silver pieces, chain necklaces, mixed metals, bolder styles, dainty pieces, diamond bracelets, cocktail rings, drop earrings and any and everything in between, the good news is that all of these favorite jewelry pieces can be incorporated into a layered look. You just need to be armed with the right advice to make your statement pieces shine.

Here are some invaluable tips for how to get on board with this popular trend with how to layer your jewelry to great effect.

Focal Region

When it comes to layering jewelry, there are four key areas of focus, and these are the neck, wrists, fingers, and ears. When you are planning a layered look, we think it is best to stick to one specific region for your multiple items. Picking one area to layer rather than doing all four at a time is a simple way to make sure your accessories still look chic and balanced.

It is important to note that picking one region to layer doesn't mean that you can't wear jewelry in other areas, but you might just want to limit the pieces in order to not make the look too busy overall. For example, choosing to layer necklaces should be an indicator that you only want to feature a couple of bracelets and rings to provide an accent.

Primary Item

If you can't decide on a focal region right off the bat, then work around this instead by selecting a jewelry piece that you love the most. This could be something like a pendant necklace or even a wristwatch, giving you something to center the rest of your jewelry around.

When choosing your primary item, make sure that it is a real statement piece. Once you decide on the primary piece, you can find smaller, more dainty pieces to add to it. The goal isn't to have pieces competing with each other, you want to complement instead.

Mixing Metals

Don't be afraid to experiment with a mixture of precious metals when selecting your jewelry to layer. A combination of the popular types like yellow gold, rose gold and white gold can be a surprising accent rather than a flow disruption.

Even better to bridge the gap are pieces that actually feature more than one type of metal in their own design, as these provide a pleasant fluidity between more individual pieces. Try to keep things on an even level though, and make sure that there is no one type of metal that is overpowering the others.

Matching Jewelry

There are some in the jewelry world who believe that too much matching can be tacky, but it can actually be very helpful when choosing which pieces to layer. For example, pairing a pair of pendant earrings with a pendant necklace that shares the same type of stone can be a simple way to pull the different areas of your look together. Bolder pieces can anchor the whole look and having a central piece can help you with the overall design. 

Choosing to use a matching style in different areas of the body is a clever way to create a bigger sense of symmetry and fluidity, and then you can always break up the feeling of being too 'matchy' with the other jewelry choices you are making in the layering.

Add Color

When you work with a lot of metal-based jewelry, it can be very easy to get caught up in a sea of white and yellow, so try to make the most of pops of color whenever you can in your layering. Colorful pieces such as colored stones and beads in chains, pendants and bracelets can be helpful to add something to the layering look.

Consider Tone

Different types of jewelry can convey different tones. For example, something like a chunky diamond studded necklace is always going to be more formal, and more appropriate for black tie events. On the other hand, a colorful cocktail ring is more playful and fitting for more casual occasions. Both pieces are great for layering looks, but consider what you are dressing for and what kind of tone you want to create with your look.

When layering, there is no rule that states you have to keep the style of your jewelry consistent even when experimenting with colors and metals. For example, minimalist pieces don't always have to be minimalist pieces. Dainty bracelets can be worn with chunky chain bracelets and colorful pendant necklaces can be combined with beaded necklaces.

Thick Or Thin?

If you are planning on going heavy with your layering, then it is better to opt for pieces that have thinner chains and bands. Too many chunky pieces put together looks more like clutter than fashion. You don't want the jewelry to be wearing you, you always want to be wearing the jewelry! Alternatively, might want to select one thicker piece and complete the rest of the layering look with a couple of much thinner pieces to create a pleasing combination.

Equally, it is better to combine different lengths - hence the expression layered - especially when combining necklaces and earrings.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment!

You should never feel constrained by our advice, just take it as a good starting point for achieving on-trend style! Always follow your guts and your instincts and do not be afraid to experiment with all of the beautiful jewelry that you have in your collection. What's the worst that could happen!?

Jewelry is intended to make the wearer feel special and glamorous, so whatever combination of layers ends up giving you that feeling is going to be the winner for you personally.

Jewelry Suggestions

Now that you are equipped with some great tips to achieve the perfect layering, all that is left to do is stock up some new beautiful pieces to help you reach peak glamor! Looking at all of the main focal points in turn, here are some suggestions of precious metals, gold necklaces, stacking rings, silver jewelry, classic pieces, diamond bracelets and more. We are confident that you will find some of the key pieces and perfect diamonds and metal colors to ensure that all of your jewelry pieces are perfect for layering.


For a focal point, there is nothing more classic than something like a diamond cross pendant to act as the main statement piece of your layered look. You could then add to it a chain of a different length that features a different shaped design like this curved bezel diamond pendant.

If you want a design that is slightly more fun and light, then a diamond ruby flower pendant is eye-catching, and the neutral design of the flower is very versatile which means it will work with almost every other kind of design you can imagine.


How much you layer your earrings is obviously going to depend on how many piercings you have! For the majority of people, two lobe holes on each side is the extent of their real estate in this area.

If that is the case with you, then the perfect to 'layer' your ears is with a pair of classic diamond hoops in one hole and something like a pair of sapphire stud earrings in the other. This provides a variety of size and length on the ear.

Another option is a pair of gold ear cuffs (also known as huggies) combined with a pair of sparkly dangly earrings


When it comes to bracelets, there is no style better for layering than a classic bangle. Something like this stunning infinity bangle bracelet is perfect as one piece of a multi-bangle look on one wrist.

And if you want to layer up the other wrist at the same time, do no be afraid to experiment with something a little bit different, perhaps a layered look that features this yellow gold diamond cuff bracelet as its focal point.


The number of rings you are able to layer on your hands will be solely dependent on how much finger length you have to work with! Some people are blessed with long, slender fingers which means that they are able to go all out with something like this busy diamond leaf stackable ring.

If you have a little bit less finger length to work with, then the better option is to layer your rings across the hand rather than on just a single finger. Take this rose gold twist diamond band as a starting point and then find rings that complement it to go elsewhere on your hand.

At Global Rings, we are confident there are many many pieces in our collection that can easily be included in a layered look. Happy browsing!

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