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If you think your partner is likely to propose soon, you may be wondering what your engagement ring will look like-- and if you’ll love it as much as you love your S.O. Your engagement ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it makes sense that you would want to get an engagement ring you’ll enjoy wearing. But if your partner picks out your engagement ring on their own, how do you ensure you get a style you like?

If you don’t want to directly tell your soon-to-be fiance what you want for your engagement ring, you’re going to have to drop some hints. To help you drop great hints that will guide your partner toward your perfect ring, below, we’re sharing four of the best ways to hint at which engagement ring you want.

1. The Commentary Strategy

An excellent and subtle way to hint at the type of engagement ring you’d like is to comment on other people’s engagement rings. For example, if you have a friend who just got engaged, you can point out something you do or do not like about their engagement ring. Such as “Katie’s solitaire ring is so gorgeous; I just love the
oval cut diamond John picked out for her.” Or, “Katie’s oval cut diamond is perfect for her style, but I don’t really love it. I just think that round diamonds are so much more classic.”

If you don’t know anyone who has gotten engaged recently, you can also try out this strategy with any celebrity engagement ring. If you want to be as subtle as possible, try to see if any of your partner’s favorite celebs have recently popped the question. Bringing up a celebrity that your partner is interested in will make for a more natural conversation.

2. Drop Hints Using Social Media

Pinterest is a great tool for making engagement ring inspiration boards. It’s also a great tool for dropping engagement ring hints! Make a Pinterest board full of engagement rings you love, then just leave it open on your laptop, desktop, phone, or wherever you think your partner will see it.

If you go this route, make sure your Pinterest board is curated and clear. Means, that if your dream engagement ring style is a classic solitaire diamond ring, don’t have any diamond band rings or halo rings on your board. Or, to give another example, if you only want a rose gold ring, don’t have any white gold, yellow gold, or platinum wedding rings on your board.

If you want to try this strategy in a more direct way, you can also just email or text a link to your Pinterest board. Alternatively, if you and your significant other are more into Instagram, you can DM them posts with some specific rings you love.

3. Go Window Shopping, Strategically

The next time you’re out shopping, try swinging by a jewelry store to window shop. Comment on some things you like at the jewelers, then just move along. If your partner is planning on proposing soon, they’ll be sure to pick up on and take note of your comments.

Note that this strategy also works virtually. If you’re scrolling through some jewelry on your phone or computer while relaxing next to your partner, make a casual comment or two about what you’re looking at.

4. Get Help From a Friend or Family Member

If you think your significant other may need some extra help ring shopping, enlist the help of a trusted loved one. Tell your best friend or a family member what you have in mind for your dream engagement ring, and then have them reach out to your partner to give them some ring-style guidance. This strategy is a win-win for both you and your S.O. It will make their ring shopping experience easier since they’ll have a solid idea of the kind of engagement ring you want. It will also make it much more likely that you’ll get a ring you’ll love, while still preserving that romantic element of surprise.

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