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With Christmas taking up so much of the limelight towards the end of the year, it can often be easy to overlook anyone in your life who has something worth celebrating in November. People who have wedding anniversaries, birthdays or any other gift-worthy events around the holiday season will already be well aware of how the Thanksgiving/festive combo can overshadow a personal occasion in the final months of the calendar, but as a loving partner, friend or family member, it is up to you to make sure that their special event does not go unheralded!

Of course, when consulting any gift guide, the perfect gift is always going to be suggested as a piece of jewelry. The great thing about jewelry is that makes the ideal gift for lots of different occasions, seen as both a traditional gift and also one of the most thoughtful gifts when you get it right.

From a pair of earrings to tennis bracelets to vintage pieces to heartbeat necklaces and more, there is a huge range of amazing jewelry gift ideas that can cater to a wide range of personal tastes and preferences.

Here is a list of occasions where designer jewelry gifts make for a perfect November treat.


Celebrate their special day with a piece that reflects their personality. An easy way to add character is with a personalized gift not with a name or initial but with birthstone jewelry.  November's birthstones are blue topaz and citrine, so any item that includes either precious stone is perfect.

Something like this imperial topaz chic bracelet definitely fits the bill and is also available in a citrine version.


Commemorate the time you've spent together with a timeless gift. There is nothing better than a real diamond piece to celebrate, and there are plenty of pieces that are worthy of 15th-anniversary jewelry gifts, 20th-anniversary jewelry gift ideas and beyond! 

This yellow gold charm necklace is ideal for a statement gift.


A piece of jewelry is a perfect way to mark educational milestones.

An 18-inch necklace in any style is always a great suggestion because it will be able to take center stage in all of the graduation photographs that are going to be taken!


Celebrate success with a little extra sparkle. It is always a good idea to look your best at work, and this pair of diamond stud earrings can bridge that gap between professionalism and on-trend style in the workplace.


For the bride, groom, bridesmaids, or groomsmen—a wedding is definitely an occasion for jewelry! From chandelier earrings to dainty charm bracelets and more, the great thing about wedding jewelry is that there are no strict rules and you can choose the perfect pieces depending on what the intended recipients love the most.

New Job

Wish a loved one success in their new endeavors with a classy accessory. It is always good to make a solid first impression in a new work environment, so gift your loved one something involving their favorite colors to give them that boost of self-confidence on their first day!


Help them retire in style with a meaningful piece. They will have much more time to enjoy life and go out on the town, and something like this diamond bracelet is perfect for enjoying more free time in ultimate style this November!

There Doesn't Have To Be A Reason!

Any special event will always provide a great opportunity for excellent jewelry gifts, but don't make the mistake of thinking that you can't just present something beautiful for no reason! After all, the best gifts for jewelry lovers are ones that are completely unexpected!

Here are some beautiful jewelry pieces of jewelry to gift ... just because.  We think they make perfect gifts, no matter what time of the year it is and regardless of whether you have something specific to celebrate or not. After all, the only requirement for beautiful gold jewelry gifts is being a year-round jewelry lover!

This is an absolute classic item that should be a part of everybody's jewelry collection, a perfect surprise gift coming up to one of the most religious times of the year for many.

You can never go wrong with a great pair of fashion earrings, and these show-stopping ruby red studs certainly pack a punch!

Open cuff bangles are set to be a huge trend this year and next year, so no better time to get ahead of the game and gift this beautiful amethyst design cuff to a loved one who deserves it.

Budget Options

One key area of concern for a lot of people during this time of year is other gift occasions clashing with holiday shopping. No one wants to make anyone feel second best on their own special occasion even to a national tradition. If you have gifts to buy that aren't for Christmas, then here are some beautiful delicate pieces that carry the same meaningful charm without a price tag. You can find some amazing jewelry brands that are not going to break the bank.

These studs are delightfully sweet and make for the perfect gift to convey delicate affection from one person to another, and all for less than $200!

If you are looking for something a little less conventional and more eye-catching (pun intended!), then this beautiful evil eye design bracelet is unique and stunning.

A beautiful piece of white gold designer jewelry for a little over $200? That sounds like the kind of budget purchase that we should all be making at this time of the year!

We've selected a few pieces to showcase from our range here at Global Rings Jewelry. Feel free to browse our entire collection to find the ideal November gift for a jewelry lover. 

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