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Outside of holidays like Christmas and birthdays, one of the most important days for a lot of families is Mother's Day. It is a special occasion to celebrate and appreciate the special role that a mother or mother figure plays in your life, and something so important definitely deserves the perfect gift! What is the perfect thoughtful gift - surely, it's jewelry. 

Jewelry is one of the all-time classic Mother's Day gifts, and we can guarantee that no matter what the personal style of your own mom happens to be, there is always going to be plenty of amazing options for you to choose from and plenty of different price points to suit any budget.

Of course, the nature of meaningful gifts of jewelry will mean something very different to each individual. For example, if your mother is the kind of person who doesn't like a lot of visible grandeur and luxury in her jewelry collection, then anything with conspicuous sparkling gemstones or anything that boasts too much of an 'over the top' design isn't the way to go.

Sometimes, the answer lies in simplicity. A piece of minimalist jewelry is just as beautiful as something ostentatious and there's no difference in the sentiment behind the gift message. 

Whether your mom prefers solid sterling silver or any of the gold colors or platinum, there is a wondrous array of minimalist-style jewelry that will qualify wonderfully well as Mothers Day gifts.

Don't settle on the fallback option of a gift card. Instead, choose a Mom gift that shows real thought and consideration. Be inspired by our suggestions for minimalist jewelry that would for the perfect Mother's Day gift this year.

1. Bezel Trio Studs

Just because your mom tends towards minimalism, it doesn't mean that she has to miss out on a little bit of sparkle. Something like these simple bezel trio diamond stud earrings are perfect because they are very modern in style but also have a timeless classic vibe.  

Odd numbers are very much the way to go in the fashion and accessory world, and the trio of dainty diamonds on each earring gives the pop of style that is essential for any good outfit.

2. Geometric Diamond Pendant

If you are looking for an elegant chain necklace that is both a beautiful and timeless necklace while still being minimalist and modern, then this geometric design will appeal.

Geometric shapes lend very well to the concept of minimalism. With very little fuss and complication in the design, this particular pendant in 14K rose gold manages to incorporate a little bit of diamond sparkle to lift it out of the ordinary.

3. 14K Gold Scribbles Heart Necklace

Hearts are always going to be a classic and timeless design choice that suit all relationships ranging from romantic all the way to platonic, and this small but powerful little heart pendant is the ideal choice for a Mother's Day gift that is understatedly simple but says a hell of a lot.

14K gold is synonymous with beautiful jewelry, and a little pop of solid gold on the neckline is always flattering.

4. 14K Yellow Gold Textured Bangle

When it comes to bracelets, the best choice you can make if you want to stay in the lane of minimalism is a bangle. simplistic bangles somehow manage to be just as fashionable and statement-making without featuring a lot of the 'fussier' design elements of something like a charm bracelet or tennis bracelet.

The textured finish of this particular bangle adds a further dimension of interest to the item, elevating it to something more interesting while maintaining that key tone of minimalism.

This is ideal if Mom enjoys layering her jewelry as it will work with many other types of pieces on her arm.

5. Open Diamond Band Ring

Rings that feature gemstones can easily become the opposite of minimalist when placed on the finger, but there is something about this open band design that helps to keep the bling smaller and more separated to a very modern and minimalist effect.

You can achieve the effect of having almost two for one with this ring design, and the narrower bands of both ends of the open design keep everything sleek and sophisticated, with no fear of the ring becoming overpowering or over the top on the finger.

6. White Gold Horseshoe Diamond Pave Pendant

Minimalism doesn't have to mean plain, as there are many different design motifs and elements that can be selected while maintaining the minimalist tradition.

Something like this horseshoe design, for example, is perfect for a modern and minimalist style. The white gold and diamond pave combination is very understated on the neckline compared to yellow gold or rose gold which can be a little bit more ostentatious and stand out.

And of course, horseshoes are a symbol of good luck and prosperity, which is something that every mother deserves to have a lot of, especially on their special celebration day!

7. Diamond Criss Cross Cuff Bracelet

If you are interested in bracelets but don't want something a little different to a traditional closed bangle, then something that is still minimalist without being too 'plain' is this diamond crisscross cuff bracelet.

The cuff bracelet has the same sort of effect as the open ring we suggested above, with the piece being open enough to display a sense of minimalism while featuring some interesting design elements.

The crisscross motif isn't quite geometric, but it certainly is unusual and modern enough to be classed in a different bracket of jewelry trends than the traditional charm and tennis bracelets that you might want to avoid for your mom.

8. Endless Rectangle Hoop Earrings

Plain simple hoop earrings are always going to fall in the minimalist camp but they also run the risk of being some of the most boring earring type.

You don't have to worry about boring with these endless rectangle hoop earrings, as the more interesting shape of the hoops provides a different sense of style. Compared to circular hoops, there is something much more unique and eye-catching about the rounded rectangular design of these hoops, and we think that your minimalist mother will adore them!

Choosing a Mother's Day Gift

We've presented a list of potential options in jewelry gifts that will inspire you to ignore fresh flowers and chocolates this year. This list features just a small number of the gorgeous jewelry collections on our website. Feel free to browse Global Rings Jewelry and we hope you find the perfect gift for your mom. 

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