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When it comes to wedding planning in most cultures and traditions, the majority of the attention tends to be on the bride rather than the groom.  That's a bit unfair because there are some features of the big day where the groom's needs really should be looked after.  For example, as much attention should be paid to the groom's wedding ring as to the dress and flowers! 

The process of picking out a groom's wedding band is something that should be taken seriously. After all, if you are doing it right, you should only have to make the purchase once in your entire life! It used to be quite an easy process because there wasn't a massive choice in male wedding bands but a huge shift in the jewelry market means there are now probably more options for men than for women.  

Men's wedding bands are much more varied and interesting than ever. If you want something other than the classic style of a simple yellow-gold band, you're spoiled for choice. Rings are being crafted from all sorts of different materials in a huge array of styles and designs. 

You'll find rings made from traditional metal options of gold, platinum, and sterling silver, other metals like tungsten and titanium, recycled metals, and modern materials like carbon fiber and ceramic. Designs take inspiration from art movements past and present, modern classics, and contemporary creativity. 

If you are looking for some inspiration for an interesting or unusual piece of jewelry for your wedding band, here are ten unique and sophisticated beautiful wedding band styles. It's a terrific mix of distinctive designs in a variety of colors, vintage styles, and widths. And did we mention affordable prices to boot!?

Two-Tone Wedding Band

If you can't decide between two precious metals that you love, then the good news is that you don't have to.

The rise in popularity of two tone-rings, especially for men, has been very noticeable over the last few years. The combination of two different colored metals allows for a multitude of colorways and varying the widths and content of each color only adds to the potential possibilities. A further design element can also be added by the use of different finishes and textures on both or one of the metals.  

A Different Finish

The classic shiny finish of a wedding band isn't the only option. There is a whole world of different finishes that have their style and add their personality to a ring.

Machine tooling can create looks including shiny, polished, sandpaper, sandblasted, scratched, matte, brushed, stippled, hammered, etched, and carved.

A ring can display just one of these finishes or maybe a combination of two. A wedding band that combines highly polished with matte is proving to be a contemporary favorite. 

Thinner Wedding Band

If you haven't worn much jewelry in the past, then you might not want to pick a wedding band that is too big or bulky as it may start to get annoying over time or feel uncomfortably intrusive. 

The best solution to this is to opt for a thinner band that offers a slender style, leaving you with much more space on the finger. Thinner bands can be seen as a more sophisticated choice, as well as a more sensible choice for anybody whose life is very active, or whose job demands a lot of work with the hands.

Most jewelers offer wedding rings in a variety of widths although you will find that most of the more slender rings will be the traditional plain 14k gold band without embellishment. 

Milgrain Detail 

Milgrain is a beautiful and impactful jewelry design technique in which small beads of metal or tiny dots are used to create fetching borders around the band of a ring.

Milgrain is seen as one of the most unique techniques for a men's ring, and the craftsmanship and precise design have seen a rise in the popularity of this decoration. 

The small amount of detail in a milgrain wedding band bridges the gap between the plain wedding band and one with some detail for the man who doesn't want anything too showy.  

Diamond Wedding Band

Who says a men's wedding band, or a women's wedding band for that matter, needs to be something like a plain 14k gold band or another color solid gold band? If your style leans more towards gemstones and a bit of shine, then there are plenty of options out there!

Diamonds are becoming much more of a gender-neutral style choice these days and you'd probably be surprised by how many men around the world are picking a diamond set wedding band.

Black Diamond Ring 

If you want a wedding set with gemstones but see white diamonds as being too feminine, black diamonds will probably appeal. 

A black diamond wedding ring has more masculine overtones.

Wedding bands set with black diamonds are available in many different style options from simple channel set stones to intricate designs and patterns in shiny, matte, and satin finishes. A band with diamonds is a ring type that will make a very definite statement about the personality and tastes of its wearer. 

Stacked Wedding Band

If you are a jewelry lover, you will be aware that stacking has been one of the most dominant trends in the last few years. 

The advantage of a stacked wedding band is that you get great finger coverage without it looking like you are wearing a huge clumsy ring. It is also a great way to combine different colored golds if you can't decide on a single favorite. A stacked ring also brings interest to the piece of jewelry. Each band may not only be a different metal or color of gold, but each may also have a different finish. 

 Engraved Wedding Band

If you want detail in a ring that isn't created by color or gemstones, an engraved wedding band can be a handsome choice. 

As with most wedding ring design elements, there's a wide variety of engraving options to create a stylish piece. The engraving may cover the whole ring or just a portion. The engraving may be abstract, geometric, or free-flowing. It might also be highlighted with a different shade. Engraving may also be combined with other features such as milgrain or a narrow diamond pavé band.

Modern Traditional Wedding Band

No matter how interesting and attractive men's wedding bands become, there is always going to be demand for the classic design wedding band.

There is nothing wrong or boring in wanting to mark your wedding status with a traditional band. The great thing about modern jewelry design is that even the classic can be updated but remain true to tradition. 

This means you might choose a white gold wedding band rather than a yellow band or you can choose a classic wedding band with just the minutest detail that injects a little bit of style. 

The "I Want it All" Wedding Band

This is a ring you will wear every day for the rest of your life so you want it to be perfect. What if after being presented with so many modern designs, you just can't decide? You love the idea of a mix of colors, but you're also enamored of the idea of a textured finish. And now that you think about it, you quite like the idea of a ring set with diamonds.

There are awesome bands that will meet your criteria for a bit of everything. Modern jewelry designers love to create stylish wedding bands that combine various elements to produce something very modern and very appealing. You should be able to find a fancy wedding band that expresses exactly what you want it to say. If you can't find the perfect ring, use a custom ring design service. 

At Global Rings Jewelry, we are proud to present an eclectic collection of stylish men's wedding bands. Our range includes the traditional and the contemporary and every ring is made from the highest quality materials to the most exacting requirement. Our skilled sales staff are happy to assist you to find the ring with the special meaning you are looking for on your wedding day. 

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