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Individually, an engagement ring and wedding band represent special moments in the course of a person’s life, but when placed together, they almost morph into one single message that signifies love and lifelong commitment to your partner. For this reason, you want to make sure that you make all of the right choices to ensure that your bridal set is as perfect and cohesive on the finger as it can be.

The significance of the bridal rings is as old as time but like anything, they are subject to the whims and trends of fashion. The basic diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band have endured but as time has passed a solitaire diamond ring in yellow gold has given way to white gold in all sorts of styles and wedding bands have gone from plain to intricate and also multicolored.

The vagaries of fashion mean trends come and go but one of the recent ones that have stuck around for a while and seem to have a future-long life is jewelry stacking aka layering.

Stacking is a great way to make the most of your fine jewelry collection as it enables you to wear more than one piece at a time. When it comes to the bridal ring set, stackable rings create a fusion and blending of style and design.

It is perfectly easy to create a beautiful ring stack. Whether you favor rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, gemstones, big or small carat weights, minimalist or maximalist, there will be engagement ring styles and wedding bands that suit.

Here is our pick of 10 stackable engagement rings that will look fabulous alongside stackable wedding bands. No matter what happens to be on your wishlist, we are sure that we can suggest something you will love!

  1. Mars Engagement Ring 14k White Gold

As an alternative to a single solitaire diamond, this beautiful example of an engagement ring makes an impact. the ring is set two-thirds around the white gold band with scintillating round brilliant diamonds.

  1. Mars Round Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

If you want more than a solitaire diamond with a showy carat weight, choose a stackable engagement ring that features extra detail on the shoulders of the shanks. The channel-set round diamonds are the perfect complement to the center stones.

  1. Mars Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold

Rose gold rings have become incredibly popular with many jewelry designers including them in their collections. This elegant slim band with channel set diamonds doesn't feature a large central stone, which makes it ideal for stacking next to a rose gold wedding band that shares a similar shape and profile. Slim band rings also increase the accessibility of additions to the bridal set such as a diamond eternity band.

  1. Mars Engagement Ring 14K Gold

The striking feature of this yellow-gold engagement ring is the concave shape of the band. Half the band has diamonds set so that most of each stone is visible to ensure maximum sparkle. Choose a stacked wedding ring that will highlight the unusual dip of this engagement ring.

  1. Mars 6 Prong Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

This is a classic example of what a ‘dream’ engagement ring looks like to a lot of people, with 6 strong prongs to hold a stunning central diamond in place. A similar look can also be achieved for a lower cost using alternatives like lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, or cubic zirconia.

  1. Mars Marquise Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

A marquise diamond is a lovely alternative option for engagement rings, and this ring is a wonderful example of how beautiful the shape can be. The addition of small diamonds on the shoulders adds extra sparkle.

  1. Mars Princess Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

If you regard your partner as a real princess, then it only makes sense to opt for a princess-cut diamond ring! The simple slim band topped with an incredible princess cut stone is like something out of a fairy tale, and it might just be the thing that will put the cherry on top of the cake that is your future romantic life!

  1. Mars Slim Band Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

This little darling can be viewed in two ways. It is a wonderful option when you’re on a tight budget or it is perfect when you want a slimline engagement ring. The diamonds may be small but they are specially selected for maximum sparkle. It will also be very effective in a set of stackable rings.

  1. Mars Detailed Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold

There is no rule to state that you need to have a diamond or any other kind of gemstone in your engagement ring at all. The intricate detail of the band edged with milgrain detail makes this ring a real showstopper.

  1. Mars Emerald Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

If you want a traditional look that is still easily stackable, choose a solitaire style where the diamond is held high and proud above the band. This allows the wedding band to sit comfortably next to the engagement ring with the diamond overlapping the wedding band’s edge.

There are a lot of considerations in choosing the perfect engagement ring especially if you want a stacking bridal set. Sometimes it is easy to buy them together when the jeweler has specifically created a stacking bridal set. But remember too, jewelry “rules” are only there as a guideline. the most important thing is to have a ring that is adored.

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